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GEAS researchers can use their travel budget flexibly. If you want to make use of the budget for travel reimbursement, please submit an application to the GEAS Office. You will be reimbursed by the travel department. Please apply formally for travel approval at the university at least 6 weeks in advance. Travel approval is not possible after the travel has taken place.

Please include the following details:

    1. Copy of Invitation (to conference), confirmation (of participance) and a pdf of the conference program (or copy/Screenshot)
    2. Invitation from a university host (for fieldwork)
    3. Short travel plan including dates of travel and potential costs of transport/accommodation

The travel needs to be approved by two people:

1. the person responsible for the budget (*see below) and 2. the head of the respective department or the central travel department. 

For approval, please download the form "Antrag auf Genehmigung einer Dienstreise", fill out page 1 as well as include your GEAS address on page 2: https://www.fu-berlin.de/sites/abt-1/formulare/05dienstreisen/index.html

Please be advised to

1. fill out the form online (not with a pen)

2. print out the form and sign it. Unsigned forms or forms sent by email will be ignored and sent back immediately. 

3. submit the form including the invitation and the conference program to the office of the person responsible for the budget.

For GEAS, the person responsible for the budget is the GEAS Director. Apply for travel approval at GEAS Office. For DAAD subsidies, the person responsible for the budget is your supervisor. Apply at GEAS or with your supervisor directly. For travels approved by CIC or other cost centers, you will be advised who has to sign approval. It is recommended to take out travel health insurance (Auslandsversicherung/Reisekrankenversicherung) for your trips - the EU health insurance(s) usually does not cover accidents or health issues during travel abroad, and you are not covered by the university.

The insurance can be short-term (about 10 EUR per year for short travels) or long-term (about 30 EUR per month) for fieldwork, if you are not insured by a national scheme in the host country. These insurances are helpful if you have any trouble or accident in other countries and need to have a quick transport home (which the unviersity may not pay).