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Counseling, Mental Health and Services

There are several counseling and mental health offers available for PhD researchers.

For all departments, you can now find Open Door Offices called Support.Points where you can ask for help.

For other conflict counselling, you can ask:

You can find more individual counselling services listed on the Dahlem Research School Website

Mental Health

Stress resilience and mental health are central issues while conducting a long-term project like a doctorate - crises and challenges are normal during this process. Apart from workshop offers of Dahlem Research School and the Berlin University Alliance to strengthen your persistence and successfully deal with such challenges further information and advice is available:

The staff consists of licensed psychological psychotherapists and psychologists in training to become psychotherapists. As a matter of course, the psychologists of the counselling service are required to maintain confidentiality regarding the matters you discuss with them. Freie Universität Berlin offers individual counselling, training courses, and workshops. The staff members are licensed psychological psychotherapists or graduate psychologists in training to become psychological psychotherapists. The psychologists are bound by professional secrecy and will of course treat your concerns confidentially..

Guides for promoting the mental health of early career researchers (ECRs) are written for PIs and supervisors, and for ECRs themselves by the Quest Center for Responsible Research and its community partners.

A self-organized initiative of doctoral students at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin who share resources, survey the status quo and organize mental health events to promote awareness and destigmatize mental health struggles.

The Studierendenwerk counsels on financing studies, studying with children, provides counselling on academic writingprovides psychological counselling, is a contractual partner for the KfW student loan and supports studying with special needs.