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Doctoral Regulations

The Doctoral Study Regulations (the "Order") of the Graduate School of East Asian Studies determine the aims of the GEAS doctoral training, coursework and supervision, as well as all rights and duties of the doctoral candidates.

A Joint Commission of all participating disciplines (the Departments of History and Cultural Studies, Political and Social Sciences, Philosophy and Humanities, Law and the School of Business and Economics) is responsible for the GEAS Order and Study Regulations.

The 2013-2021 versions of the doctoral study regulations are still valid for those enrolled before 25 March 2021.

Early Career Researchers at the GEAS are also enrolled as PhD students at their respective departments, depending on their field of study and their corresponding supervisor. They are thus also liable to the corresponding doctoral regulations of the departments.The doctoral regulations of the different departments of Freie Universität Berlin are particularly important for admission to the Graduate School and the university, for the regulations how to write the thesis, for the disputation and for publishing.

You may find all doctoral regulations of our participating disciplines in the related links section below.

Only the German versions of all doctoral regulations are legally binding.