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Step 1:The selection committee will review all applications in a preselection, determining whether or not your application is appropriate for GEAS and if the subject can be supervised by faculty members/PIs in general.

Step 2:Having passed the preselection, each application is evaluated by two internal peer reviewers who assess the application considering your research proposal, your overall academic performance, the letters of reference, your motivation and feasibility of the project, and respective language skills according to your proposal. Applications will be given scores with different weighing, commented on by the reviewers, and sorted into a ranking list depending on the final score.

Step 3: The ranking list will be discussed in a prescreening session of the selection committee. Potential supervisors will be designated, and the selection committee proposes a list of successful candidates, as well as a waiting list, to be interviewed.

Step 4: After confirming the potential supervisors' ability, and after the interview, the selection committee will propose final candidates based on another assessment of the applicant's overall proposal, performance, motivation and language skills. Successful candidates will be informed of their acceptance shortly afterwards, usually mid- to late April. Unsuccessful candidates will also be notified.

Admitted doctoral students will be evaluated every year by their advisory team.