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DGA Small Grants Programme (1000 EUR)

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Asienkunde e. V. supports minor research activities of members up until 1.000 €.

Applications can be submitted until 15.09.2020 via E-Mail to the DGA office. Grants will be given after 30.11.2020; and funds are available until 31.07.2021

The following activities are eligible for funding

  •     to collect, analyse or present research data,
  •     to obtain data or access to sources,
  •     for the organisation of conferences and panels at international conferences,
  •     for the exploration of research topics and international research cooperations,
  •     to present research results at international conferences,
  •     for the professional translation of own works for publication in Asian languages
  •     to transfer knowledge to the general public.

The following are excluded from funding

  • The purchase of literature, working materials, software, etc.; reproduction and photocopying costs; processing fees, free purchase of publications for Open Access, translation and copy editing of own publications in non-Asian languages, teaching or teaching substitutes, remuneration of interview partners, etc.

Necessary components of each application are

  •     name, address, e-mail address, telephone number of the applicant*in
  •     Academic short resume: Max. 150 words
  •     Title of the activity to be supported
  •     Description of the activity (research question, theoretical reference if applicable, methods, preliminary work, expected results) and, if applicable, the larger context (research work, project, etc.)
  •     Justification for the request for funding (relevance for the applicant / DGA / Asian Studies): Max. 500 words
  •     Budget and timetable (with justification and details of the overall budget if partial funding is requested): Max. 300 words
  •     supporting documents (as PDF): Max. three pages

The office confirms receipt of the application, but does not carry out any formal or substantive examination. The administrative office is not authorised to advise members on matters relating to the application.

All information on the Small Grants Programme (PDF) at http://asienforschung.de/ressourcen/small-grants-programme/