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China EU Window (CSC)

The Chinese government supports EU (and UK) students with up to €465 per month during a study visit to China. Scholarship holders can be supported for several years, depending on their academic status, but stays of less than one year are also possible.

The exact amount of the scholarship depends on academic status and field of study. In addition to paying the tuition fees, grant receivers also receive a subsidy for rent, health insurance and monthly pocket money, doctoral students or senior scientists approx. 465 €.

Every year, the Chinese government selects about 100 scholarship holders for this scholarship programme. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen scientific exchange between China and the EU. To apply, you must first register and apply at the online portal.

The call for applications is announced at the beginning of a year at http://www.chinamission.be/eng/zglx/t

Responsible for the grant is the Office for Education and Culture, Mission of P. R China to the European Union. The application procedure is conducted in English or Chinese.

Application Period

usually between January and March.