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Funding in Germany

DAAD Funding

International candidates who would like to do the GEAS training program may also apply at DAAD for a Research Grant for Doctoral Programmes, should this exist for their country. Attention: deadlines for applying for DAAD fellowships are often a year prior to the start of the programme.

If you like to apply for this fellowship, please contact the coordinator of the GEAS program before the end of summer. 

KAAD (Catholic Academic Exchange Service)

There are 3 programmes for international candidates at KAAD: scholarship 1 is addressed to post-graduates and to academics living in their home countries who already gained professional experience and who are interested in postgraduate studies (or research stays) in Germany, for a MA, PhD or postdoc.

In Scholarship Program 2 KAAD sponsors advanced foreign students from developing countries who are already enrolled in a German university. Scholarship candidates must be proposed by the corresponding Campus Ministry.

The Eastern-Europe-Program – also administered by regional partner committees – focuses mainly on shorter study or research stays in Germany. Normally we expect that applicants reside in their home countries at the time of applying to KAAD through the regional partner committee.

Berlin Funding for graduates

German Foundations

There are several foundations in Germany who offer funding for PhD students in Germany with sufficient German language skills. There is a website which offers all links to the "Werke" (foundations) at


Foundations for specific subjects

Special funding for

Special loans

Research Institutes (mostly PostDoc)