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Special Issue International Affairs

A new publication put together by GEAS Einstein Foundation Visiting Fellow Professor Richard J. Samuels and GEAS postdoctoral fellow Dr. Corey Wallace is now available!

Professor Samuels and Dr. Wallace co-edited a special issue of International Affairs on Japan’s evolving grand strategy. Titled, ‘Japan’s pivot to Asia’, the contributors to the special issue look at Japan’s strategic adaptations in four domains: internal and institutional, economic, diplomatic and military. The special issue also includes a practitioner’s reflection written by Nishi Masanori, former Japanese vice-minister of defense . The special issue was the outcome of two conferences organized by GEAS and supported by Professor Samuels’ visiting fellowship from the Einstein Foundation Berlin. International Affairs is the in-house journal of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (London’s Chatham House), a global top 10 ranking journal (ranked eighth) in international relations in terms of impact factor.

The articles can be accessed here: https://academic.oup.com/ia/issue/94/4