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Hyun Gyung Kim


Institute of Korean Studies Postdoc, GEAS Postdoc 2017-2019

Korean Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Cultural Studies


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Kwang Woon University, Seoul, 2015-2017
  • Adjunct Instructor, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, 2009-2016
  • Adjunct Instructor, University of Seoul, Seoul, 2008, 2014-2016
  • Secretariat, World Congress of Women’s Studies 2005, Seoul, 2004-2007



  • PhD in Women’s Studies, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, 2007-2014
  • MA in Women’s Studies, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, 1999-2003
  • BA in Politics and International Relations, Yonsei University, Seoul, 1994-1999



Distinguished Teacher Award, University of Seoul, 2014, 2015, 2016

Her research focuses on how the flexiblization of labor that was regularized in the South Korean broadcast industry from the early 1990s affected gendered division of labor. This research stemmed from her interest in the role that female labor plays in sustaining the present global status of Korean Wave cultural products. She plans to carry out a comparative study on gender division and labor conditions within the popular culture industries in South Korea and in Japan, whose standing as a cultural producer is long-established within Asia. She is also working on research articles and book manuscript based on her PhD dissertation titled The Actors as Gendered Image Commodities within the Management-Structured Entertainment Industry in South Korea 1910-2009.


『이토록 두려운 사랑: 연애불능시대, 더 나은 사랑을 위한 젠더와 섹슈얼리티 공부』. 서울: 반비. 2018.

(The Transformation of Love and Relationships since 1990’s onwards in South Korea. Seoul: Banbi. 2018.)

Journal Articles


“The Gender Logic of a Developmental State and the future of Democracy: Media Coverage and Public Responses to the Hairstyles of Key Female Public Figures in South Korea.” International Feminist Journal of Politics. 2018. Under Review.


“신자유주의 시대의 포스트페미니즘 가족서사: 드라마 <응답하라> 시리즈를 중심으로.” <미디어, 젠더, & 문화> 제 32집 1호, 2017.

(“The Post-feminist Family Narrative in the Neoliberal Era: Focusing on Drama <Responses> Series.” Media, Gender & Culture 32(1). 2017.)


“아이돌을 둘러싼 젠더화된 샤덴프로이데의 문화정치학: 아이유 사태를 중심으로.” <한국언론정보학보> 80집. 2016.

(“The Cultural Politics of Gendered Schadenfreude Surrounding an Idol: Focusing on the Debates over IU.” Korean Journal of Communication & Information 80. 2016.)


“신자유주의 시대의 멜로드라마적 상상력: 텔레비전 드라마 <비밀>을 중심으로.” <여성학논집> 제 32집 2호. 2015.

(“The Melodramatic Imagination in the Neoliberal era: on TV drama <Secret>.” Women’s Studies Review 32(2). 2015.)


“ ‘여자 되기’와 ‘애인이라는 노동’: 미디어 정동 경제에서 여자 연예인 지망생/신인의 일.” <사이間SAI> 제 19호. 2015.

(“‘Producing Women’ and ‘Labor as a Lover’: a Female Aspiring Entertainer/Rookie’s Work in the Media Affective Economy.” Journal of 사이SAI 19. 2015.)


“여성주의 성폭력예방교육의 모색.” <한국여성학> 제 31권 2호. 2015.

(“Searching for the ‘Feminist Sexual Violence Prevention Education’.” Journal of Korean Women’s Studies 31(2). 2015.)


“연예인 지망생 및 신인의 성형 경험과 '이미지 상품-주체'의 형성: 연기자를 중심으로.” <여성학논집> 제 31집 2호. 2014.

(“Aspiring Actors, Cosmetic Surgery and the Formation of the ‘Image Commodity-Subject.’” Women’s Studies Review 31(2). 2014.)


“기획사 중심 연예산업의 젠더/섹슈얼리티 정치학.” <한국여성학> 제 30권 2호. 2014.

(“The Gender/Sexuality Politics of the Korean Entertainment Industry.” Journal of Korean Women’s Studies 30(2). 2014.)


김현경, 김주희. “’(여성)노동자’ 김진숙에 대한 여성주의적 독해.” <페미니스트연구> 제 12권 2호. 2012.

(Hyun Gyung KIM and Joohee KIM. “A Feminist Reading of Kim Jin-Suk, ‘[Woman] Laborer’.” Issues in Feminism 12(2). 2012.)


“’문화’ 개념과 ‘성차’ 관련 개념들에 관한 몇 가지 고찰 - 1990년대 이후 한국 사회 ‘페미니즘 문화연구’를 중심으로.” <민족문화연구> 제53호. 2010.

(“Considering Concepts of ‘Culture’ and ‘Sexual Difference’: ‘Feminist Cultural Studies’ in Korea since the 1990s.” Korean Cultural Studies 53. 2010.)


Book Chapters


“(Japanese) Jimusho(社務所), (Korean) Kihaeksa(企劃社): The Making of a Transnational Idol Production System.” Jason G. Karlin & Patrick W. Galbraith(eds.), Media Keywords. Bloomberg. 2018. Forthcoming.


“여자 아이돌/걸그룹과 샤덴프로이데”. 『페미니스트 크리틱: 더 나은 논쟁을 할 권리』. 서울: 휴머니스트. 2018.

(“Female Idol/Girl Group and Schadenfreude.” Feminist Critic: for Better Discussion. Seoul: Humanist. 2018.)


“여성주의 문화연구와 대중문화”. 『일상의 여성학』. 서울: 박영사. 2017.

(“Feminist Cultural Studies and Popular Culture.” Women’s Studies in Everyday Life. Seoul: Pakyoungsa. 2017.)


“여대생의 연애 경험: 성, 사랑, 결혼의 정치학, 그 변화와 의미.” 『섹슈얼리티 강의, 두 번째』. 서울: 동녘. 2006.

(“Female College Students’ Love: Changes in the Politics of Sexuality, Love and the Meanings of Marriage.” Lectures on Sexuality 2. Seoul: Dongnuk. 2006.)


“축제의 정치, 저항의 페스티벌.” 『나는 페미니스트이다』. 서울: 동녘. 2000.

(“Politics of Festivities, Festival of Resistance.” The Feminist Manifesto. Seoul: Dongnuk. 2000.)


Book Reviews

Communication, Digital Media, and Popular Culture in Korea: Contemporary Research and Future Prospects. Edited by Dal Yong Jin and Nojin Kwak. 2018. Lanham: Lexington. “The Frontline of Research on Communication, Media, and Culture in Korea.” Asiascape: Digital Asia 6 (2019); 135-145. https://brill.com/abstract/journals/dias/6/1-2/article-p135_8.xml


“『친밀한 적: 신자유주의는 어떻게 일상이 되었나』” <한국여성학> 제 26권 3호. 2010.

(“Book Review of Intimate Enemy.Korean Women’s Studies 26(3). 2010.)


Translation (English into Korean)


김현경 외. 『성적 차이, 민주주의에 도전하다』. 서울: 인간사랑. 2009.

(Joan W. Scott. Parite! Sexual Equality and the Crisis of French Universalism. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005.)

Journalistic and Other Contribution (Selected)


“고 장자연 사건, 조선일보와 리스트를 넘어서.” 문학잡지 <릿터> 12호. 서울: 민음사. 2018.

(“the Case of the Late Female Actor Chang Jayeon, beyond Chosun Ilbo and the list.” Literature Magazine Littor No. 12, Seoul: Minumsa. 2018.)


“낭만적 결혼 이데올로기 시대의 도래.” 문학잡지 <릿터> 9호. 서울: 민음사. 2017.

(“Emerging of Romantic Marriage Ideology Age.” Literature Magazine Littor No. 9, Seoul: Minumsa. 2017.)


“2002년 여성 대통령 논쟁 vs 2016년 박근혜 대통령 탄핵: 다시 박근혜를 사유해야 한다.” 문학잡지 <릿터> 8호. 서울: 민음사. 2017.

(“Debate on Possibility of Female President in 2002 vs The Impeachment of Park Gun Hye in 2016: Again, it’s time to speculate ‘Park Gun Hye’.” Literature Magazine Littor No. 8, Seoul: Minumsa. 2017.)


“김혜진 소설 『딸에 대하여』 해제: 실은, 어머니에 대하여.” 소설 『딸에 대하여』. 서울: 민음사.

(“Novel Commentary of On My Daughter: On My Mother, Actually.” On My Daughter. Seoul: Minumsa. 2017.)

Presentations (selected)

“Thinking Japanese Military ‘Comfort Women’ in Asia with Students in Europe.” Paper presented at 2018 International Symposium on Voices of the ‘Comfort Women’: Remembering and Reconstructing, International Solidarity Committee for International Memory of the World Register, Tokyo, Japan, November 10. 2018.

“Pleated Hair, Hair Rollers, and Undying Hair: the Challenge of Women’s Public Participation in Korea.” Paper presented at 2017 the Colloquium on Equal Participation and Diversity, Japanese-German Center Berlin, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin, Germany, November 27. 2017.