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Postdoctoral Fellows

Current PostDoctoral Fellows

Alfonso Sánchez Romera

Postdoctoral Researcher 2022-2023

Chinese Urban Middle Class

Anna Belogurova

Associated Postdoc (on leave)

GEAS POINT Fellow 2014-2016

+49 30 838 53531

Anna Belogurova

Former PostDoctoral Fellows

Laurent Chircop-Reyes

Associated Postdoc 2019-2020

Chinese Studies, Anthropohistory

Steve Entrich

Unviersity of Potsdam

• Comparative and Social Science Educational Research • Social Science Japanese Research • Social Inequality in Educational Attainment • National and International Trends in (Shadow) Education • Educational Reform Policy • Decision Theory


Jihye Han

GEAS Award Postdoc 2017-18

Korean higher education system/lifelong learning

Jihye Han

J. Brooks Jessup

University of Berkeley Visiting Lecturer

GEAS PostDoc 2013-2016 Chinese History

J. Brooks Jessup

Hak-Jae Kim

Assistant Professor SNU, PostDoc at GEAS 2013-2016

Historical Sociology (GEAS Postdoc 2013-16)

Hak-Jae Kim

Hyun Gyung Kim

Institute of Korean Studies Postdoc, GEAS Postdoc 2017-2019

Korean Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Cultural Studies


Jieun Kim

GEAS Postdoc 2015-2017

Japanese Studies, Cultural Anthropology and Medical Anthropology

Jieun Kim

Ayako Komine

PostDoc at GEAS from 2013-2015

Japanese Studies, Politics

Ayako Komine

Florentine Koppenborg

TUM Postdoc, GEAS Award PostDoc 2016-17

Climate and energy policy in Japan, energy transitions, comparative politics

Florentine Koppenborg

Emina Popović

POINT PostDoc Fellow

Comparative Politics, Chinese politics, Authoritarianism, Interest groups politics, State-society relations

Emina Popovic

Nicolas Schillinger

PostDoc at GEAS from 2014-2015, now Chinese Studies Department

Chinese Studies, History

Nicolas Schillinger

Daniel White

Postdoc 2017-Dec 2020

Anthropology of Japan; affect and emotion; affective computing and emotional AI; wellbeing


Eun Hee Woo

Affiliated Researcher since 2017 and GEAS Award PostDoc 2016-17

Korean Political Science, Party Recruitment

Eun Hee Woo

Shuxuan Zhou

GEAS Postdoc 2017-2019

China Studies, Gender and Development, Socialist and Post- Socialist Studies