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Daniel White

Image Credit: Daniel White

Institute of Japanese Studies

Postdoc 2017-Dec 2020

Anthropology of Japan; affect and emotion; affective computing and emotional AI; wellbeing



2011 Ph.D. Anthropology, Rice University (Houston, TX)

2012 M.A. International Relations, Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)

2006 M.A. Japanese Literature, University of Hawaii (Honolulu, HI)

2002 B.A. Anthropology; Religious Studies; Japanese, University of California Santa Barbara (SB, CA)



2017 - present

Senior Researcher

Institute of Japanese Studies

Department of History and Cultural Studies

Free University Berlin (Berlin, Germany)


2012 - 2017

Assistant Professor (2012 - 2015), Associate Professor (2015-2017)

Department of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies

Hosei University (Tokyo, Japan)


2013 - 2014

Adjunct Professor

Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies

University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)


2007 - 2008

Adjunct Professor

Department of English

Houston Community College (Houston, TX)


Anthropology of Japan; Japanese cultural policy; affect and emotion; the literature of Murakami Haruki; public broadcasting; soft power and nation branding; cultural dimensions of robotics, affective computing, and emotional AI; wellbeing; the contemplative sciences


2019 “Critique as Connection within the Anthropology of Affect and the Senses.” Special Issue: Feeling (with) Japan: Affective, Sensory and Material Entanglements in the Field. Asian Anthropology, Vol. 18, Issue 3.

2019 “The Future of LOVOT: Between Models of Emotion and Experiments in Affect in Japan.” Platypus: The CASTAC Blog (July 23).

2019 “Japan’s Emerging Emotional Tech.” With Patrick W. Galbraith. Anthropology News. Vol. 60, Issue 1 (January/February)

2018 “Is Robot Empathy a Trap? Scientists Explore What Robot-Human Intimacy Could Mean for Love, Work, Communication, and Even War.” Podcast. With Hirofumi Katsuno, Jennifer Robertson, and Chip Colwell. Sapiens Magazine. (August 18.)

2018 “Contemplating the Robotic Embrace: Introspection for Affective Anthropology.” More-than-Human Worlds: A NatureCulture Blog Series. (June 20.)

2018 “Critique in the Gap.” Comment on Sasha Newell’s “The Affectiveness of Symbols: Materiality, Magicality, and the Limits of the Antisemiotic Turn.” Current Anthropology Vol. 59, Issue 1.

2018 “The Globalization of Melancholic Affect: Escaping Soft Power through the Literature of Murakami Haruki,” in Paul Hansen and Blai Guarne eds., Escaping Japan: Reflections on Estrangement and Exile in the Twenty-First Century. Routledge. 

2017 “Affect: An Introduction,” in Daniel White guest ed., “Openings and Retrospectives.” Cultural Anthropology, Vol. 32, Issue 2.

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2015 “How the Center Holds: Administering Soft Power and Cute Culture in Japan,” in John Ertl, John Mock, John McCreery, and Gregory Poole eds., Reframing Diversity in the Anthropology of Japan. Kanazawa University Press. 

2015 Book Review. Anne Allison. Precarious Japan (Duke University Press). Monumenta Nipponica.

2014 “Tears, Capital, Ethics: Television and the Public Sphere in Japan,” in Jie Yang ed., Markets and Affects in East Asia. Routledge.

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2018 Panelist. “The Mechanics of Fear: Re-envisioning Anxiety through Emerging Technologies of Affect.” The Multifaceted Relationship between Fear and Technology Conference. Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Berlin, Germany).

2018 Invited speaker. “Markets of Care: Affective Arrangements of Technology and Wellbeing in Contemporary Japan.” Affective Arrangements in Mental Health Care Settings (Berlin, Germany).

2018 Panelist. “The Soft Aesthetics of Hard Policy: Cross-Sections of Cute Design in Japanese Popular, Political and Technological Cultures.” European Association of Social Anthropologists (Stockholm, Sweden).

2018 Panelist. “Augmented Reality in the Affect-Emotion Gap: Technological Interventions in Sensation and Memory in Japan.” The Association of Social Anthropologists Conference (Oxford, UK).

2018 Guest Lecture. “Technologies of Care: Engineering Affect in Social Robots, Virtual Assistants and other Emotional Machines.” Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Free University of Berlin (Berlin, Germany).

2018  Invited speaker, with Hirofumi Katsuno. “First Encounters in Human-Robot Interaction: Exploring Technical Methods for Affective Anthropology.” Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Contemporary Japanese Society. Symposium. Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan).

2018 Discussant. “Entanglements and Meshworks in Japan: Japan Through the Lens of Posthumanism.” Association for Asian Studies 2018 Annual Conference (Washington DC).

2018 Invited speaker, with Elena Giannoulis. “Emotional Machines: Toward an Affective History of Technology and Intimacy in Japan.” Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Berlin, Germany).

2017 Invited panelist, with Elena Giannoulis. “Technical Transformations of Intimacy in Japan and their Implications for Emotional AI Research.” AI Love You. Workshop (Potsdam University, Potsdam, Germany).

2017 Invited panelist. “The Affect-Emotion Gap: Anxiety, Adequacy, and Affordance in Japan’s Cultural Administration.” The Skills of Feeling with the World - Second Workshop, Affecting Affordances of Power and Difference (Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan).

2017 Invited speaker. “Ironman Japan: Fieldwork Training Regimes for an Affective Anthropology.” Modern Japanese Studies Program Lecture Series (Hokkaido University, Institute for International Collaboration).

2016 Organizer and Panelist. “Exhausting Narratives in Ironman Japan: An Affective Fieldwork Training Regime.” Extreme Anthropology: Fieldwork Training Regimes for New Terrain. American Anthropological Association, Annual Meeting (Minneapolis MN).

2016 Discussant. “Crafting Culture as Contemporary Concept in Japan.” East Asian Anthropological Association, Annual Meeting (Sapporo, Japan). 

2015 Panelist. “Toward a Mutual Subject: Soft Power in Anthropology and International Relations.” An Anthropology of International Relations. American Anthropological Association, Annual Meeting (Denver CO).

2015 Discussant. Returns, Longings, and Vicissitudes of Changing Identities and Popular Culture in Contemporary Japan. American Anthropological Association, Annual Meeting (Denver CO).

2015 Invited panelist. “Space as Resonance: Affective Belonging in and through the Literature of Murakami Haruki.” Exploring Spaces in Japanese Literature. Free University Berlin (Berlin, Germany). 

2015 Symposium Organizer. “The Politics of Energy Transition Post-Fukushima: Anthropological Lessons from Europe and North America.” Department of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (Tokyo, Japan). 

2015 Panelist. “When is Good Art? An Ethnography of Free Time in Tokyo.” 8th International Critical Theory Conference in Rome (Rome, Italy).

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