Visiting Fellows/Professors

Visiting Fellows 2017


Julian Dierkes

GEAS Visiting Professor September 2016-July 2017


Yoon-wook Chung

IKS/GEAS Joint Visiting Profesor March-October 2017

Cold War Enemy and Science of Psychological Warfare: Research on North Korea by Social Scientists of U.S. during the Korean War

Email koreastudien[at]

Visiting Fellows in 2016


Julian Dierkes

GEAS Visiting Professor September 2016-July 2017


Yih-chyi Chuang

GEAS Visiting Professor January 2016



Woo-yeo Hwang

IKS/GEAS Visiting Professor July 2016

Transfer of Legal Systems between Germany and Korea


Yoko Kawamura

IJS/GEAS Visiting Professor July-December 2016

International Relations

Telephone +49 (0)30 838 59520


May-Britt Stumbaum

GEAS Visiting Fellow January - July 2016, now Einstein Project East Asia Security

Processes of transfer and diffusion in European foreign and security policy towards Asia (particularly India and China), deviating perceptions and connotations in EU-Asian relations, security policy, dual-use technology transfer

Telephone +49 (0)30 838 57088

Email m.stumbaum[at]


Eiji Oguma

GEAS Visiting Professor February-March 2016

Historical Sociology


Keun-Sik Jung

IKS/GEAS Visiting Professor February-July 2016

Social History, Social Movement, Sociology of the Body


Tomoo Marukawa

GEAS Visiting Professor April - August 2016

Chinese Economy

Telephone +49 (0)30 838 57107

Visiting Professors in 2015


Hyo-je Cho

Korean Sociology


Jang-jib Choi

IKS/GEAS Visiting Professor May-July 2015

Korean Politics and Democracy


Su-dol Kang

IKS/ GEAS Visiting Professor March-August 2015

Korean Economics and Business Administration


Takashi Kibe

Japanese Politics


Glenda S. Roberts

GEAS Visiting Professor December 2015


Richard Samuels

Einstein Visiting Professor

Security and International Relations East Asia


Xiaonian Xu

Visiting professor Winter term 2015/16

Workshop: Understanding China's Economic Success: Adam Smith vs Keynes

Email xxiaonian[at]


Deok Ryong Yoon

Visiting Professor Winter term 2015/16

Seminar: Korean Economy


Hyo-je Cho

Visiting Professor April-May 2015

Korean Civil Society and Human Rights


Sun Uk Kim

Visiting Professor from Dec 2014-May 2015

Korean Law and Gender Studies


Di Wang

Visiting Professor May 2015

Social and Cultural History of Modern China, Seminar: Public Life in Urban China

Email di-wang[at]

Visiting Professors in 2014


Young-seo Baik

Visiting Professor July 2014

Korean and Chinese History

Tim Cheek Foto

Timothy Cheek

Visiting Professor June 2014

Summer Seminar 2014: Chinese Intellectuals


Yih-Chyi Chuang

Visiting Professor in July 2014

Seminar on Economic Development in Mainland China


Sheldon Garon

Visiting Professor from Dec. 2013 to June 2014

June 20, 2014: Transnational History in East Asia Workshop



Dong-Choon Kim

Visiting Professor Feb.-May 2014




Jin Xu

Visiting Professor in May 2014

Seminar Summer 2014: Interpreting Archival Sources

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