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Visiting Fellows 2017

Julian Dierkes

GEAS Visiting Professor September 2016-July 2017

Yoon-wook Chung

IKS/GEAS Joint Visiting Profesor March-October 2017

Cold War Enemy and Science of Psychological Warfare: Research on North Korea by Social Scientists of U.S. during the Korean War

Seog Kyeon Kwun

IKS/GEAS Visiting Professor May 2017-February 2018

Business and Management in Case of Unification by using the example German Unification

Duk-Hoon Lee

IKS/GEAS Visiting Fellow March 2017-March 2018

Politics and Human Security - Perspective for East Asia

Irina Lyan

PCD Global Humanities Fellow

July-October 2017

Gregory W. Noble

GEAS Visiting Professor October 2017

Social and Political Sciences

Kanji Tanimoto

IJS/GEAS Joint Visiting Professor March-August 2017

Workshop Development Cooperation, Seminar "Business and Society" (Japanese Studies,BA/MA)

Christine Wong

ICS/GEAS Joint Visiting Professor June 2017

Expert Workshops Environmental Governance

Hiroaki Yamagami

IJS/GEAS Joint Visiting Professor

Visiting Fellow 2017-2018

Junhua Zhang

GEAS Visiting Professor April 2017- March 2018

Seminar: Chinese authoritarianism